Art Printing in Salt Lake City, Utah

Techniques of fine art reproduction have been used since the 19th century to produce limited-edition prints.

Some techniques originate from the earliest days of art reproduction; others have emerged with the advent of advanced printing technology. The artist (or artist’s representative) oversees high-end reproduction to ensure quality and fidelity to the original artwork.

MasterLab works with a variety of artists from across the U.S. to create museum- or gallery-quality fine art reproductions.

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Fine Art Reproduction Performed near Salt Lake City, Utah

The reproduction begins with a high-resolution digital copy of the original artwork. This can be derived either through a digital photograph or a scan. If the art was created in an electronic medium, the print shop can use the digital file.

Step 1. Art Quality Photograph

Each original piece of artwork is photographed by our professional art photographers with the proper lighting and camera equipment. This insures the file we start with is the best possible. We take that original file and go through an extensive matching process with each piece of artwork, ensuring what comes off our printers matches your original in every way, including color, density, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, midtones and so on.

Step 2. Production of Proof

Once this process is completed, MasterLab will then produce a proof for the artist’s approval on the material of their choice from the digital file. We guarantee our work and will make whatever changes necessary to make sure the artist is completely satisfied with their file and proof. Our approval rating for first proof shown to the artist is over 95%.

Step 3. Giclée Printing

This is a one-time process for each original. Once a file has been created and the proof is approved, a master production file is saved and archived for any current or future giclée printing needs. The archiving of the file also allows us to assist the artist in organizing and locating a specific file in the future.

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