Photo Restoration

Photo restoration services help you recover beloved photos that have been faded by time, scratched or otherwise damaged.

Using advanced digital technology, the image restoration experts at MasterLab can give you back those images you thought were lost. And while having your photos back may seem priceless to you, the cost is remarkably affordable.

photo restoration - vintage family photo

What is Photo Restoration?

Photo restoration erases the negative effects of time and damage to your most beloved photos.

Our expert photographic image restoration technicians start with a high-resolution scan of your image. Then, using advanced digital software, we set about the task of filling in the blanks, so to speak.

This technology can restore the original colors of the photo and erase damage to the image. Once complete, we will return a digital file to you with the restored image, or if you prefer, we can also print a gallery-quality copy of your restored photos on archival photo paper for framing, sharing with family members or inclusion in your photo album.

What Can Photo Restoration Do?

In most cases, our restoration-services team can repair almost any damage to your beloved family photos.

Specifically, we can restore faded images and those damaged by water, even if mold is present. Creases and tears are usually reparable, as are dirt smudges, stains and scratches. In many cases, our image restoration technicians can “fill in” missing pieces of the photo.

We can also restore color to images that have faded significantly from exposure to light.

Although we can’t always succeed with severely damaged photos, we successfully restore most images our customers submit. And if we truly believe we cannot help, we will let you know as soon as possible.

How Do I Get Started with Photo Restoration near Salt Lake City, Utah?

If you have the ability to make high-resolution scans, we can work from your electronic files. But if you do not have access to a scanner, we can scan your photos, quickly and safely.

The time it takes our technical experts to complete the work on your photos depends on the degree of damage. Many restoration projects can be completed in only an hour or two for each photo. For more extensive damage, the technician may spend six to eight hours on the restoration.

When complete, however, you will be amazed at the quality, color and clarity of the restored images.

Contact MasterLab today to learn more about this process, and to request your price quote on expert Utah photo restoration services.

photo enhancement

File Enhancement

MasterLab also offers digital file enhancement. We can take any file and perform adjustments, enhancements or retouching needed in order to optimize your file for printing. Let our digital masters make your file as optimized as possible before making your print.

Pricing for digital work is quoted on a per-job basis.