Fine Art Printing for Park City, Utah

At MasterLab, we’re proud of our comprehensive fine art printing services for Park City residents and all those in nearby areas looking to recreate, preserve and otherwise memorialize their fine artwork. We can handle on-demand printing needs for virtually any artistic medium, translating them into beautiful, scalable prints that stand the test of time.

Quality is the bedrock of our business, from start to finish. We’ll help you transfer high-quality image files onto only the best materials, using the finest ink available to create lasting images. No other printing format offers the same combination of affordability, value provided, and extreme longevity.

The Technology

Our primary printing service is known as giclée printing, taken from a French term that refers to “squirting ink.” The format uses extremely high-quality Epson printers and HDR inks to recreate your favorite art pieces in stunning detail and color, drawing either from your own personal file collection or from our large archive of high-quality artistic images.

Among the numerous benefits of this technology compared to other similar options is the lasting nature of the prints. Well-maintained giclée prints will hold their color and quality for as many as 150 years without a trace of degradation, serving as a stable archive for your most valued pieces. Other options in this realm don’t approach this kind of long-term value, which signals the quality of our ink and materials.

fine art printing Park City, Utah

Scaling and Framing Options

You have a wide array of options available to you for presentation with giclée printing – this isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation by any stretch. For starters, we have absolutely no upper or lower limits on our job sizes – whether you need a couple prints or a couple thousand, you’ll get the same quality service and care.

And within the printing process, you can choose several different presentation options. We offer the ability to scale the size of your image up or down as you see fit, which makes it far easier to fit it into whatever mounting, framing or other format you desire.

Wide Array of Materials

And best of all, there’s virtually no limit to the kinds of materials that can be used here – both in terms of what can be reproduced and the materials it can be reproduced onto. Whether you have drawings from pencil, chalk or charcoal, photos or vintage prints, or any kind of traditional oil and watercolor painting, it can be reproduced at a high level using giclée printing.

Better yet, we can print your image onto several formats:

  • Canvas: Either satin or matte finish, canvas printing allows for a huge range of display options, from mounting to stretching or wrapping.
  • Gloss or Lustre: Paper with a clear coating, excellent for sharpness and clarity.
  • Watercolor and art paper: Cold press, photo rag, velvet and ultra-smooth options.
  • Matte paper: A bright white paper that’s great for gloss-free images and brings saturated images.

For more on what we can do for Park City and surrounding area residents in the world of fine art printing, contact the experts at MasterLab today.